Naked Bike Guy

I live in Austin, Texas, one of the coolest cities in America.  Austin boasts a lively music scene, mouthwatering food, and its eccentric population produces a unique vibe.  Naked Bike Guy is a particularly memorable Austinite.  I don’t know his name, but he’s a fixture in Austin.  You can spot him riding his bicycle at dusk—he’s naked, except for a neon green G-string.  He’s one of many reasons Austin’s slogan is, “Keep Austin Weird.” 

I want to be more like Naked Bike Guy.  No, I don’t feel like stripping to my skivvies and hopping on a Schwinn (because it’s raining), but NBG inspires me to continue my personal growth.

I’ve never cycled nude, but I know it takes a confidence.  People confront NBG, they laugh, sneer, and yell.  Does he care?  No.  He rides with stoicism.  Opt out of ordinary, and be yourself.  Who cares what people think?

Austin is approximately 27 miles from the surface of the sun and there’s a cactus on every street corner!  Can you imagine the sunburn?  What if NBG falls off his bike into some killer cacti?  Ouch!  Hey, Dude’s got guts.  Imagine living without fear.  Don’t let potential consequences stop you from pursuing dreams.

NBG can’t ride his bicycle everyday without reaping serious health benefits.  Could you benefit from living a healthier lifestyle?  Of course, we all could!  Exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and eat healthy foods.  Don’t do it for the 6-pack abs or a tight bootie; do it for your overall wellness.

Sure his fashion is pretty minimalist, but he rocks it!  He knows how to wear his thong just right so he doesn’t get cited for indecent exposure.  NBG shows us that we don’t need much to have style all our own.  Personal image is more than what we wear—sometimes it’s what we don’t wear.

You can catch NBG pedaling the streets of Austin rain or shine.  He’s always on his bike.  Consistently working towards goals is the best way to achieve them.  I want to be more consistent.  I imagine we could all benefit from NBG’s example.

Live like no one’s watching.  The sooner you adopt NBG’s traits the sooner you’ll live the life of your dreams.  And remember to apply sunscreen!