​Invest in Yourself

I had a conversation about health care with my friend the other day.  Her health insurance costs $150 per month.  It's the same amount she pays for car insurance.  She was upset about it until I asked if her car is worth more than her health.  A great many of us suffer from a value disorder.  We’re willing to pay a lot for our possessions but not our wellness.  When was the last time you did something that made you happier and healthier?  Do you spend more on your cable bill than you spend on healthy food?  The average American wastes 34 hours a week watching television, but 33% of us don’t exercise.  You only get one life.  Use your time and money wisely. 

I catch a lot of criticism because I offer lifestyle coaching that includes romantic advice, but my work is important.  We all crave meaningful relationships.  What’s wrong with developing skills that build strong bonds?  People put themselves in debt to attend college, and maybe get a job, but we balk at seeking professional advice on a valuable skill like communication.  Such nonsense is another example of our societal value disorder.

People are suffering.  There’s an emptiness inside their hearts.  We need connection, and we want to feel like we’re offering something valuable to the world.  Don’t listen to advertisements.  You can’t buy happiness at a shopping mall.  A luxury sedan won’t drive you to fulfillment.  Contentedness happens when you invest in yourself.  Spend time cultivating skills and learning about the world.  Make a strong effort to keep a healthy body and mind.  You owe it to yourself and your community.