2016 Resolutions

A lot of bloggers bash New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve done it in the past.  They talk about how you don’t need an arbitrary holiday to make changes.  You can enhance your life at any moment.  I agree with their sentiment to a degree, but I don’t see anything wrong with public resolutions.  The tradition creates massive accountability, and while many people won’t follow through on their resolutions, there are those who make monumental change.  

I decided to make some New Year’s resolutions.  I’m a firm believer in writing your goals, as doing so makes it easier to succeed.  I also believe in setting achievable expectations.  The easiest way to make a goal realistic is to break it down into simple steps.  I divide annual goals into monthly, weekly, and daily objectives.  They’re written out, and I read my strategy each morning.  Broadly speaking, my goals for 2016 are as follows.

Offer a conference style event to the public.  I used to speak at weekend retreats where people came from all around the world to develop themselves.  Attendees generated measurable transformations in their quality of life, and I found the events to be personally rewarding.  Look out for more of those in the future.

Write at least one book.  Some of you may know that I wrote a Kindle book a couple of years ago.  It’s no longer available on Amazon, as I’d like to make some changes to its message.  I have a few books cooking in my head, and I’ll release at least one of them by year’s end.  

Create an online course.  I want to help you live a better life.  I have experience coaching people in a number of areas.  I’ve helped folks find love, lose weight, get emotionally healthy, and make more money.  I’d like to help as many individuals as possible, but I can’t scale one-on-one coaching, so I believe an online course is the next best means of accomplishing my dream to help 1 million people transform their lives.  

I’m juiced for 2016!  I look forward to the twists and turns the year will bring.  How about you?  What are your resolutions for 2016?  Message me on Twitter or email me!