The importance of objectivity

I decided to write a different kind of post this week.  I want to make an important point.  I avoid most mainstream media, and recommend my readers do the same, because it’s anything but objective.  I want the truth, even if that means abandoning my cherished beliefs.  Growing into our best selves requires a constant search for truth.   

I created Spartan Plan to share trustworthy advice with my readers.  It’s the same information I use to manage my life.  I never accept bold claims at face value.  I’m fiercely skeptical, and I always dig for peer reviewed studies--not anecdotal evidence--when writing an essay.  Rest assured that any factual claim made at (or on any of my products) was researched thoroughly.  But I want to go one step further and start offering links to references when it makes sense. is a source you can trust.

Dedication to accuracy means my essays don't always have the most sensational headlines.  I get fewer readers than charlatans selling miracle cures.  I’m okay with that.  You’re an intelligent group of people who demand quality, and I’d rather offer guidance proven by science.  

Furthermore, if something I post turns out to be untrue, I’ll publicly admit my mistake.  I have nothing to hide.