Spartan Month 2016 Update

Did you participate in Spartan Month 2016?  If not, there’s no reason to wait until February 2017, you can make any month Spartan Month.  I am thrilled by how many people participated, and I look forward to the next one.  I suspect we’ll make some changes in 2017.  A lot of people offered valuable feedback.  For example, there were ten challenges in Spartan Month 2016.  I’m going to whittle those down to five items.  It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the five I’m eliminating, they’ll still remain a part of Spartan Plan, but I want to keep Spartan Month simple.  

I was surprised to find that cold showers were the part of the challenge that many of y’all had the hardest time completing.  I understand, February is the heart of winter, and you love those hot showers.  That’s sort of the point.  Spartan Month is about forsaking comforts that often go unnoticed.  Spartan Month 2017 will include cold showers.   

The same goes for adopting a plant-based diet.  One of my friends told me he wouldn’t participate because he enjoys meat.  Most Americans enjoy meat, but that doesn’t make it healthy, and it shouldn’t stop you from abstaining for four weeks.  Think how much more you’d enjoy those things after missing them for a month.

Many of you asked how I handled Spartan Month.  It was great!  I’ll admit I ate processed foods on a few occasions (cereal, almond milk, and hot sauce come to mind), but I relished in these challenges.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I take cold showers everyday, so I handled that part with ease.  I never use the hot water knob.  Period.  I firmly believe that the challenges in Spartan Month can make you a better person.

I ended Spartan Month feeling invigorated.  I’m inspired to offer more value to our growing community, and I hope you feel the same.  To start, I will make updates to the “about” page at, so readers can get a basic overview of what the plan entails.  2016 is going to be a big year, and I’m glad to have you here!