Dedication to repetition

I’ll never forget the training I received during my first business-to-business sales job.  The company sold over-priced copier machines, and I had the pleasure of learning from Don Schaeffer, a grizzled veteran.  Don was in his 40s, but his sun-dried leathery skin and cigarette-stained teeth made him look like a underinflated football with a mustache.  When Don spoke he sounded sort of like a cross between Mickey Rooney and a diesel engine.  Don’s personality matched his looks.  He was sarcastic, aggressive, and arrogant, but for some reason Don could sell anything.  

For all of his shortcomings, Don wasn’t a bad teacher.  He taught me a number of psychological tactics that made me very successful.  I learned to get leverage in a business deal, and became a sales leader in no time.

Don’s greatest lesson was this, “The difference between an amateur and a professional is a dedication to repetition.” 

His philosophy goes by many names, but you may know it as “growth mentality”.  It’s the idea that we aren’t born with a fixed set of talents and abilities.  We can learn and improve.  I got rejected more than anyone on my team, but I ultimately went on to close $500,000 deals, and I believe it was because I went through those hard knocks.  They were a learning opportunity.  

We all have different goals, but Don’s advice can apply to you too.  What do you want to achieve?  How can you benefit from a dedication to repetition?