Spartan Plan Reborn

It's been a minute since I posted here at  I've spent the past few months exploring myself, and I've learned quite a bit.  I can't wait to share my findings in the blog entries that follow.  I hope that my words will help you live a better life.  I don't pretend to have all of the answers.  This blog is merely my attempt at sharing the lessons I learn throughout my life.  

I should restart this blog by establishing exactly what I mean when I say "Spartan Plan."  Many readers will assume that it's a fitness plan.  While at first glance Spartan Plan has all the trappings of a fad fitness program, it's very different.  I created Spartan Plan to help keep myself physically and mentally healthy regardless of the challenges that life throws at me.  I wanted a plan that was simple and sustainable.  I needed a few simple guidelines that would take the guesswork out of holistic wellness.  

While I intend on exhaustively describing the logic behind each step in Spartan Plan, I want readers to understand that they needn't read too far into each step.  They are obvious to most of us, but few of us actually embody their spirit.  Is it possible to be even healthier if you follow a more granular program?  Sure, but I'm not so confident that complicated regiments are sustainable.  

In my next post I'll start breaking down each piece of Spartan Plan, and explain why it will help you live a better life, but for now, here it is: 

1. Eat only whole foods. 
2. Exercise daily. 
3. Meditate (or pray) daily.